Wildfire Mitigation Systems

Families that live in wildfire-prone areas know that the call to evacuate can come at a moment’s notice. Often there isn’t time to put in place all of the fire protection needed to defend a home and save its contents.

Colorado Firebreak has developed an automated wildfire mitigation system that covers a home, trees and structures within a designated perimeter in FireIce gel. This fire protection system is customized to your property’s topography, your home’s design and the size of the area you want to protect.  Fully-automated, and with its own power generation, it becomes operational when sensors detect the UV wavelengths unique to fires.

Cinders that fly in through broken windows and ventilation sometimes destroy a home from the inside. Colorado Firebreak’s system is designed to prevent windows from breaking and automatically closes all vents when the fire protection process is initiated.

View this video for an animated demonstration of how the system works:

The Colorado Firebreak fire protection system combines the effectiveness of FireIce with technology that automatically delivers this product when and where it is needed. For more information and a quote, phone Colorado Firebreak at 720-216-2126.