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Tunnel Car Wash Construction that Builds Investment Value

For Colorado car wash construction, including the new tunnel car washes or express car washes, the best construction alliance is with a general contractor that has both car wash construction and car wash ownership experience. That is Aslan Corporation.

Aslan’s Car Wash Construction team has successfully built and/or managed more than 75 car washes in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. We are experts in tunnel car wash systems and coordinating equipment installs with all makes and models of equipment between our team and the suppliers of the wash equipment. Our expertise includes:

  • Car Wash Equipment and Building Integration — We can advise you about integrating car wash equipment from a variety of manufacturers into the structure, and can design and construct a car wash that performs optimally with the equipment you choose.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction — The profitability and competitiveness of any business depends upon tight management of operating costs. Aslan Corporation has the experience to build car washes with leading-edge water conservation technologies, as well as solar integration, so you keep on-going operational expenses low.
  • Design ManagementWe build a financial model of the car wash and use what we call the design triangle to help you build a financially sound business that financing sources can support. The financial model uses a triangle composed of three “legs:” (1) scope, (2) size and (3) budget to determine a building plan that meets the client’s needs. By using the budget, and one other leg (usually chosen by the client), we can determine the value of the third leg. This information can be used by the architect to streamline the design and ensure that it meets budget limitations. Aslan Corporation’s design management services help clients control costs from the moment of conceptual drawings through final engineering. We have become adept at helping clients maintain their budget even in the face of increases in the cost of raw materials by recommending alternative construction materials and methods that save money and/or time.

Your Advocate & Marketing Advisor

In addition to providing car wash investors with proven design/build expertise, Aslan Corporation can be an advocate and marketing adviser for you. We can also:

  • Introduce you to financing/banking sources in the region
  • Develop your commercial property

Aslan Corporation is not just a car wash builder, we also build successful car wash businesses.

For a visual tour of Aslan Corporation’s car wash construction operation, see the video below.

Let’s Build Your Dream Together