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Concrete Wall System Design Manager/Contractor

EZ Liner™ is a PVC based, polymer product that is manufactured in Canada using 100% virgin lead-free material. The interlocking panels are designed to clad indoor wall and ceiling surfaces of any type of buildings. The product complies with the National Building Code of Canada and the International Building Code, provides a Class A smoke and flame interior finish, is permitted in buildings that require either combustible or non-combustible construction and meets all FDA and CFIA requirements for indoor application.

The EZ Liner™ wall and ceiling liner panel is resistant to chemicals, corrosion, mildew, and mold, easy to install and power wash friendly. These benefits make it the perfect low-maintenance solution for your washes.

The product is designed to interlock along one edge. It is mechanically fastened by screws to an existing wall, strapping or roof structure through a slotted nailing flange along the other edge.

The concrete and polymer that forms the wall is strong enough to withstand extreme elements, such as high wind, heat, and cold. The final result is a permanent, pre-finished concrete wall that will not deteriorate, needs no painting, and is virtually maintenance free, inside and out!  Ideal for Agricultural, Industrial, Storage, Government, Retail, Dairy, Truck Wash, Bus Wash, Car Wash facilities of all types.

EZPVC Wall System Features

  • Solid Concrete Construction
  • Quick On-Site Assembly
  • Proven Cost Savings
  • Unparalleled Energy Efficiency
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Rodent/Pest Resistant
  • Long-Term Durability: Will not rust, corrode, stain, flake, peel or rot! Resistant to extreme weather conditions and can be designed to handle earthquake and hurricane conditions
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality: Mold and mildew resistant

Aslan is also a highly experienced Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) installer. From custom homes to office and supply facilities, Aslan has successfully completed projects with this system and the results are stunning! Not only do the finished products look fantastic, they are also among the most energy efficient buildings out there! With a solid concrete core and inches of foam on both sides of the wall, the building is virtually indestructible and conserves energy like few other buildings can.

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