Published in America’s Car Care Business, March 2007

This two-part series is designed to provide information for the investor who is evaluating a car wash as a potential business. In last month’s edition, I introduced the concepts of choosing the best site location, equipment supplier and building design. This installment continues to explain key concepts that will help your car wash produce cash flow.

The old philosophy “build it and they will come” seems to be in the mind of many new wash operators across the country. I have been in the marketing arena for many years and believe that if you don’t properly market your investment, you may not find the success you were counting on. In a broad sense, marketing consists of anything people see that relates to your business. Not only an ad placed in a paper but also your building, landscaping, driveway, etc. How well do you maintain your facility, equipment, and promotions? Remember people see the facility on a weekly basis.

Let’s discuss some key elements to the success of marketing your car wash: management, collaboration, traditional marketing, fleet accounts, fundraisers and press releases.

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