Joseph Farrah, CEO of World Net Daily, recently endorsed Hardened Structures in an email to his readers:


EMP attack … Nuclear terrorism … Social unrest … Natural disasters …

Get prepared for these very real threats by fortifying your home or business

Dear friend:

We live in interesting times – and face many challenges in the future.

How does one begin to prepare for what’s ahead?

I recently became acquainted with a company that makes it easy to fortify your home or business against practically any eventuality.

Hardened Structures has been designing and building fortified homes, buildings and shelters for more than 20 years. The company does large projects and small…

I can’t recommend Hardened Structures more enthusiastically. The company is my choice for preparedness needs of all kinds.

Check them out for yourself. And be sure to tell their helpful staff where you heard about them.

Joseph Farah

Chief Executive Officer